Mindfulness of Death


what a scary concept…

Or is it?


the final breath,

while you are swept,

into your new skin,

releasing all from your old sin,

which, in the long run, is a win.


of our pain,

releasing the chain,

allowing space for the new and foreign.

Allowing love,

and compassion above,

to infinite expansion.


of our fears,

which, sometimes, seem unclear,

and can become harder to steer,

but you can do it, no matter how it appears.

By asking the questions,

you can face the fears,

by understanding the reasons,

you can allow everything to be clear,

by feeling your emotions,

you can make space for your tears.

Death of the old,

room for the new,

death of the mold,

room for the you,

the you that used to be hidden,

under layers that were forbidden,

the you that no longer fears the villain,

who instead, has risen.



My name is Ariane Gacionis, and I like to share pieces about sexual health, and I sometimes share some mindfulness.

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